More than a kid’s story - This children’s “fable” is a subtle ode to friendship, kindness and concern for the environment both here and abroad. It is the perfect antidote to the suspicion and fear that currently haunts our culture and it teaches our children that, in a way, we all must become ambassadors in this global village.
— Paul Tebo
Love it - Good story and the art work is just beautiful...
— Grady Prewitt
Simple and awesome - Tai Shan expresses himself in words that any child would understand, but the issues he confronts require a wisdom that many adults may need to struggle to acquire.
— Diana Godfrey
Book has heart....and lots of smiles”...It was a mixture of fun, surprise, and emotion. And being a children’s book I liked that Tai Shan’s focus was on others, whether it be the gift of friendship, kindness, courage, or time. He becomes a good example to follow...
— Ron Wayne
Cute and Cuddly book for kids”...I really enjoyed it. It was a breath of fresh air to read this book. It was cute, soft, cudley and very child friendly. In fact I read this to my kids via my Kindle and they loved it...
— Curtis A. Cecil

China's Goodwill Ambassador
Tai Shan the Panda

Written by Patricia Fireann Holz
Illustrated by Tabitha Benedict Aaron

China's Goodwill Ambassador, Tai Shan the Panda is a mischievous four year-old panda, a descendant of the first panda pair given as gifts from the Chinese people to the American people in 1972. He is a popular and beloved sight for children visiting the National Zoo in Washington, DC. All is well until he discovers he must leave the zoo and go alone to Sichaun province, China.

With mixed feelings he learns from his parents that he must go to help save endangered baby pandas. Tai Shan also learns the meaning of a goodwill ambassador as he says goodbye to all his friends and travels on the Bamboo Express to China. He is daring, friendly, and outgoing, and his courage is constantly tested through some great adventures. Combines fact and fiction based on the true story of the real Tai Shan.

About the Author

Holz is an Irish writer of poetry, travel writing, and fiction. She founded Washington International magazine with a view toward building bridges of understanding between cultures. China's Goodwill Ambassador, Tai Shan the Panda encompasses the values of friendship, courage, and respect, and deals with the pain of separation as well as the joy of adventure. With an education and field experience in child psychology, this is her first book dedicated to children.